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Er Iran ved at gå all-in i deres hjælp til den syriske regering?

Iran sends in regular troops to bolster Assad's fight for Aleppo | The National

Iran is also recruiting members of Hizbollah from Lebanon and militias from Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan to fight in Syria. Supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has made several calls for volunteers to join the jihad in Syria to help the weak regime against the “infidels". The recent deaths of more than a 100 guards in Aleppo drove Mr Khamenei to appoint one of the commanders of the Iran-Iraq war, Gen Mohsen Ridaii, as chief of Iranian operations in Syria.

In addition, private Iranian aircraft have been transporting military personnel and machinery to Damascus via Basra at night to avoid detection.

The huge deployment, estimated at 80,000, aims to help the regime win Aleppo, which could be the making or breaking of Mr Al Assad. Iran favours a military solution to the Syrian crisis and adamantly believes in rescuing the regime at any cost. In September last year, Russia joined the effort, using its superior air power to support Syrian and Iranian ground troops.

According to the Arabic-language newspaper Asharq Al Awsat, the Iranians have spread their armies over all Syria on many different fronts.

The central command headquarters is near Damascus International Airport and is under the command of the logistical department of the Revolutionary Guards. The site is guarded by up to 1,000 men.
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