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Gammel 1st January 2019, 07:31 PM
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Klassisk amerikansk udenrigspolitik. Man er kun terrorist hvis man ikke er til nytte for USA.

The U.S. put a Yemeni warlord on a terrorist list. One of its close allies is still arming him: Washington Post

TAIZ, Yemen — Last year, the Trump administration imposed sanctions on a powerful Yemeni Islamist warlord, accusing him of being a “prominent military instructor” and fundraiser for al-Qaeda who had also at one point “served with” the Islamic State and financed its forces.

But Abu al-Abbas is not on the run. He is not even in hiding.

By his own admission, Abbas continues to receive millions of dollars in weapons and financial support for his fighters from one of Washington’s closest Middle East allies, the United Arab Emirates, undermining U.S. counterterrorism goals in Yemen.


In the central province of al-Bayda, tribes aligned with both al-Qaeda and the Islamic State are battling the Houthis, and tribal leaders and local officials said the coalition is arming and financing them.

“At the same time,” said Ahmed Fadhil Abu Suraima, the province’s deputy governor, “they try to make it appear in the media that they are with the United States and they are fighting against al-Qaeda and the Islamic State.”

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