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Standard Historie - en manipulerbart medie

En klassiker set mange gange gennem tiden - Kan man ikke lide de historiske data skal man bare overbevise sig selv om noget andet, og voila en ny historie fremstår.

Erdogan Says Deporting Armenians Was ‘Appropriate’ at the Time: Bloomberg

Erdogan made the comment Wednesday at a symposium where he slammed France for marking the Ottoman campaign against the Armenians as a genocide.

“The relocation of the Armenian gangs and their supporters, who massacred the Muslim people, including women and children, in eastern Anatolia, was the most reasonable action that could be taken in such a period,” Erdogan said in a Twitter post in English. “We see that those who attempt to lecture us on human rights over the Armenian issue themselves have a bloody past,” he added, accusing the French of committing genocide in Africa.
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