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Gammel 9th June 2008, 12:05 AM
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Standard Crash: The housing crisis is just beginning

Let's get the numbers out of the way first. There is no longer a scintilla of doubt that there is a major, national housing correction under way. Nationwide registered a record 2.5 per cent fall in May alone. Analysts such as Morgan Stanley think there could be a 25 per cent decline in two years. The International Monetary Fund estimates that British house prices are overvalued by 30 per cent. A crash is defined as a 20 per cent fall over two years, so fasten your seat belts. The Financial Services Authority (FSA) says a million people face losing their homes over the next 18 months. Northern Rock was the first banking casualty; the buy-to-let flat specialist Bradford & Bingley is the second; others will follow as this second mortgage-related financial shock shreds banking balance sheets and undermines confidence in the financial system.

Det er fra den noget venstreorienterede New Statesman - Crash: The housing crisis is just beginning men alligevel meget mere læsværdig og af højere journalistisk værdi end Karsten Jardex og hans venners reklamer for home og BRF.

Den her er god:

"But the government still believes that, as the property porn queen Kirstie Allsopp puts it, "house prices always go up".

Måske er Hammerslag ikke dansk boligporno. men Ulrikke er et godt forslag til dansk ejendomspornodronning.

Sidst redigeret af Nordstar : 9th June 2008 kl. 12:18 AM.
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Gammel 9th June 2008, 06:28 PM
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Registreringsdato: Apr 2008
Indlæg: 4,875
Standard Traders predict house prices will fall by 50% in four years

The slide in house prices will continue for at least three years and crush the value of a home by almost 50% in real terms, according to a key index of property price futures. Indications from futures trading on long term property prices shows that the average UK home will recover its current value only in 2017.

By the end of this year prices will be down by 10% and by a further 10.5% in 2009, according to the index. Prices will keep dropping through 2010 and cut values by 23.5% when they hit rock bottom in 2011. House prices will then begin a slow climb back to current market values over a period of about six years.

If an average retail price inflation rate of 4% is included in the calculation and in addition the 8% drop in prices over the last eight months already registered by the Halifax index, the fall in values over almost four years will reach 47.5% in real terms.

Traders predict house prices will fall by 50% in four years | Business | The Guardian

Ready 2 rumble?
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