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Gammel 16th November 2018, 02:01 PM
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Standard Vestlig mediers omfavning af terrorister i den syriske borgerkrig.

How Blindness On Syria Reveals Cracks In Media Epistemology : Palladium

I spoke with Joshua Landis, head of the Center for Middle East Studies at the University of Oklahoma—one of the few people to be more or less correct in his analysis of the conflict throughout—about the role of social media in the misreading of the Syrian conflict.

“The problem with social media is that it creates bubbles. So much of social media is cheerleading. Outside observers, such as ShamiWitness and many other opposition supporters, created false expectations of a unified ideology [among the rebels],” Landis said. “Not only did revolutionary fervor create a [social media] bubble but it caused putative liberals in the West to root for regime-change so hard that they embraced the jihadists.”

Social media interlocutors played a key role in creating bad analysis.
Uvidenhed og passioneret engagement - et kerneproblem.

Maybe it shouldn’t be surprising that so many people, myself included, failed at the time to see what with hindsight should have been clear. Some of these mistakes, however, were avoidable. As I indicated earlier, Prof. Joshua Landis came off better than others did; a look at what sets him apart can reveal why his analysis was more successful.
Landis had deep familiarity with Syria prior to the onset of the conflict; he had a chance to form impressions about Syria before the war, rather than becoming an instant expert after the conflict had begun. He also had pre-existing personal relationships to his Syrian relatives, giving him access to non-activist Syrians physically located in country.
Even as early as 2011, Landis’ access to a “second opinion” in the form of actual Syrian civilians rather than interested partisans aided his critical analysis of the claims and videos circulated on social media by the likes of ShamiWitness, which other outlets swallowed.

Finally, Landis was an academic; his role was merely to produce accurate analysis. Most other professional Syria observers, including those discussed here, had either committed themselves to advocating for one side or the other, or worked for organizations that were engaged in advocating for particular policies in Syria.

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