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Vymer 11th September 2019 06:29 AM

11. september efterspillet
Why the 9/11 Mastermind Is Still Awaiting Trial - One word: torture.: The American Conservative

Opsummerer det meget godt.

Strategisk er det stadigvæk en storsejr til AQ. Værd at reflektere over.

Commemorate 9-11 by seeing the truth


“We were attacked on 9/11 by a group of Saudis, Emiratis, and a Lebanese, led by an Egyptian. Which is why we’re at war in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia, and Yemen.”

— From DuffelBlog, one of America’s few reliable source of insight.

I suspect that many prominent events, such as the Vietnam War, will be forgotten. Some, like the moon landing, will get brief mention (noteworthy, but of no significance in history). Children will learn only about those events proven to be inflection points. 9/11 will be prominently mentioned. It was one of the most effective single military operations in the history of the world, and probably the most cost-effective military operation ever (details here).

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