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Vymer 18th January 2022 06:41 AM

Ukraine - et muligt militært scenarie
Interessant artikel fra Scott Ritter om hvorledes et militært svar fra Rusland vil kunne udfolde sig.

Vymer 21st January 2022 01:52 AM

Udenrigspolitiske analyse a la Vesten. Der er nok en grund til få journalister er deres løn værd nu om dage. Der er få journalister i DK der har peget på den åbenlyse tilsvarende Cubakrise. Tror man at Mexico, Canada eller Grønland vil få lov til at indgå i en alliance med Rusland/Kina?

Thomas Friedman Roars Back to Form


In paragraph one Putin is a biting giant, or giant biter, who stalks the world with a chip on his shoulder so big he only just fits through the huge doors that apparently separate nations (I thought of Richard E. Grant’s talking shoulder-boil in How to Get Ahead in Advertising). In paragraph two Putin starts off as Peter the Great, but a sentence later is Richard Burton (that’s two British actors now), only one who didn’t come in from the cold and “sees the C.I.A. under every rock” (I think the word he’s looking for is “imagines” — see asterisk below).

Friedman is just getting started: biting-giant, chip-on-his-shouldered, Emperor-Burton-in-a-doorway-Putin is also America’s “ex-boyfriend from hell,” who refuses to let us “date other countries, like China” (we want to date China?) because “he always measures his status in the world in relation to us.”

Not many writers would have the guts to spend multiple opening paragraphs constructing an elaborate image of a giant insecure biting ex-boyfriend who wants to date China, then suddenly introduce the idea that this creature is also stuck in a tree. Worse, Friedman tells him that if he wants to get down, he’s either going to have to jump or “build his own ladder.”

Vymer 4th February 2022 06:00 AM

EU har intet reelt alternativ til russisk gas på kort sigt.

Der mangler infrastruktur LNG-terminaler samt ny rørledninger.

Wall Street Journal


That has left Europe to turn to an LNG spot market that is too small to ameliorate a substantial loss of Russian supplies, said Charif Souki, chairman of U.S. LNG company Tellurian Inc., which is trying to build an export facility in Louisiana. Mr. Souki, who pioneered U.S. LNG exports as the co-founder of Cheniere Energy Inc., said the Biden administration’s efforts are unlikely to accomplish much.

“You’re not going to change the fact that the world is short,” said Mr. Souki.
Polen viser hvor mange år der kan gå.

For years, after the fall of the Soviet Union, Poland bought gas from Russia at a price far higher than the rate its neighbors enjoyed, a disparity Polish officials took as a geopolitical message from Moscow. By 2006, Poland began constructing an LNG terminal on the Baltic Sea coast. In 2016, that terminal began operations. In 2018 and 2019, Poland struck long-term supply agreements with American companies including Cheniere Energy and Sempra Energy.

By early next year, Poland expects to be independent of Russian gas imports, though it doesn’t preclude buying gas from Moscow on the spot market.

Vymer 4th February 2022 11:46 AM

Dette viser om noget at vi er over i Irak og Weapons of Mass Destruction territorie.

Alarmklokkerne ringer når man læser dansk presses bevidste og ukritiske videreformidling af magthavernes fortælling om Ukraine.


Reporter: “It’s an action that you say they have taken, but you have shown no evidence to confirm that. [...] This is like - crisis actors? Really? This is like Alex Jones territory you’re getting into now.”

Must-watch exchange between @APDiploWriter
Matt Lee and @StateDeptSpox

Vymer 12th February 2022 02:34 PM

Besked fra Biden til Putin.

Vi vil ikke udkæmpe en atomkrig for Ukraine. Gør med dem som du lyster.

Biden warns Americans in Ukraine to leave, says sending troops to evacuate would be 'world war': NBC


Holt asked Biden what scenario could prompt him to send troops to rescue Americans fleeing the country. Biden replied: “There’s not. That's a world war when Americans and Russia start shooting at one another.”

"We’re in a very different world than we’ve ever been," he added.

Vymer 13th February 2022 07:58 AM

Nok en bekræftigelse i at USAs ledelse har indset at Rusland vil eskalerer helt op til atomkrig for at stoppe et ukrainsk NATO-medlemskab. Og den pris er Ukraine ikke værd.

Pentagon orders departure of U.S. troops in Ukraine as Russia crisis escalates


WASHINGTON – Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin ordered U.S. troops who deployed to Ukraine last year to leave the country and reposition elsewhere in Europe.

The new marching order comes as an estimated 100,000 Russian troops equipped with advanced weaponry line Ukraine’s eastern border and the northern border with Belarus, a Moscow ally.

In November, 160 members of the Florida National Guard, assigned to the 53rd Infantry Brigade Combat Team, deployed to Ukraine to train with local forces.

Vymer 22nd February 2022 04:15 AM

Putin har lige sat Ukraine og Nato i den ubehagelige position at beslutte om de vil starte en krig.

putins tale

Extracts from Putin's speech on Ukraine: reuters

Som Jugoslavien således Ukraine. Udover at kopiere Vestens politik i Jugoslavien smider Rusland en forsvarspagt med de to nye lande oven i. Nu har Ukraine lidt at tænke over... vil Nato tag en atomkrig for Ukraine?


"Those who embarked on the path of violence, bloodshed, lawlessness did not recognize and do not recognize any other solution to the Donbass issue, except for the military one. In this regard, I consider it necessary to take a long overdue decision to immediately recognize the independence and sovereignty of the Donetsk People's Republic and the Luhansk People's Republic. I ask the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation to support this decision, and then to ratify the treaties of friendship and mutual assistance with individual republics. These two documents will be prepared and signed in the very near future. And from those who seized and hold power in Kyiv, we demand an immediate cessation of hostilities.

Læs osse afsnittene om Ukraines historie og Ruslands syn på deres stat.

Som USA med Cuba-missil krisen er Ukraine Ruslands rød linie. Nul Nato medlemskab.



"Many European allies of the United States already perfectly understood all the risks of such a prospect, but were forced to come to terms with the will of their senior partner. The Americans simply used them to carry out a pronounced anti-Russian policy. A number of member states of the alliance are still very skeptical about the appearance of Ukraine in NATO. At the same time, we are receiving a signal from some European capitals, saying what are you worried about, this will not happen literally tomorrow. Yes, in fact, our American partners are also talking about this. Well, we answer, if not tomorrow, so the day after tomorrow. What does this change in a historical perspective? Basically, nothing. Moreover, we know the position and words of the U.S. leadership that active hostilities in eastern Ukraine do not exclude the possibility of this country joining NATO if it can meet the criteria of the North Atlantic alliance and defeat corruption. At the same time, they try to convince us over and over again that NATO is a peace-loving and purely defensive alliance, saying that there are no threats to Russia. Again they propose that we take them at their word. But we know the real value of such words."
And who is the main enemy for the U.S. and NATO? We know that too. It's Russia. In NATO documents, our country is officially and directly declared the main threat to North Atlantic security. And Ukraine will serve as a forward springboard for the strike. If our ancestors had heard about it, they probably would simply not have believed it. And today we don't want to believe it, but it's true."

Nu er det krig der er på spil; Kammerater. Hele vejen til gensidig udslettelse. Capice!
Her hjælper en barnlig dansk politikers påstand om at man ikke skal forstå sin modparts interesse som en snebold i helvede.



"They are trying to blackmail us again. They are threatening us again with sanctions, which, by the way, I think they will introduce anyway as Russia's sovereignty strengthens and the power of our armed forces grows. And a pretext for another sanctions attack will always be found or fabricated. Regardless of the situation in Ukraine.
There is only one goal - to restrain the development of Russia. And they will do it, as they did before. Even without any formal pretext at all. Just because we exist, and we will never compromise our sovereignty, national interests and our values. I want to say clearly and directly that in the current situation, when our proposals for an equal dialogue on fundamental issues have actually remained unanswered by the United States and NATO, when the level of threats to our country is increasing significantly, Russia has every right to take retaliatory measures to ensure its own security. That is exactly what we will do."
Russiske troppers på vej ind i de to nye stater.

Russia now has right to build military bases in eastern Ukraine - treaties

Carl Bildt med en sød sag.


The procedure is now that ���� recognizes the two puppet gangster-run entities as independent states, then signs an agreement with them and on the basis of that have ���� armed forces entering to protect them. That will be aggression under international law.
Jamen hvad med Kosovo, Syrien, Marokko og Israel???

Kosovo er klart en gansterstat.

Vymer 22nd February 2022 01:02 PM

Tyskerne stopper NordStream 2 og mon ikke det russiske svar vil være at stoppe for gaseksport via Ukraine efter 2024. Mon vi kan forvente at russerne bestemmer den hast med hvilken vi ikke længere vil kunne købe russisk gas. Fremfor omvent.

Vymer 24th February 2022 06:31 AM

Så skulle det være igang. Det bliver interessant at se hvor Rusland har lagt de nye grænser.

Når Rusland er færdig og Ukraine har underskrevet de russiske krav kommer der fred igen.

South Front med videoer om ukrainsk bøllebank.

Vymer 24th February 2022 07:30 AM

BoJo viser sine skuespillerevner. Stort drama, lille substans.


d. During my daily visit to the BBC website, I was amused to see the screaming headlines about BoJo’s Russia sanctions (along with his soaring rhetoric)…..only to scroll down and read what the sanctions are actually targeting: three Russian (quote) businessmen (unquote), that would be the Rotenberg brothers and Timchenko, who are businessmen in the same mold as Hunter Biden and Mark Thatcher. And 5 Russian banks, 3 of which I’ve never heard of, and the other 2 are essentially pocket banks for the Russian government (and only 1 of the 5 is in the top 10 of Russian bank

s). In short: a nothingburger so far. Let us wait and see.

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